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Welcome to the California Architects Board Career website. This website has been created by the Board as a convenient online resource for high school and college students (or others) interested in a career in architecture.

California is a large, extremely diverse state. Our geography, our population, our industries, and our building requirements are unique, so our architectural licensing requirements are also unique. They are also more flexible than most other states'. This website explains the licensing requirements, as well as opportunities for you as a future architect in California.

Within this site you’ll be introduced to the three basic areas you’ll need to satisfy:

  1. Education (earn a degree or demonstrate comparable work experience)
  2. Experience [participate in the Intern Development Program (IDP)]
  3. Examination (pass the national and state exams)

As you familiarize yourself with the field of architecture and these three basic steps to becoming a licensed California architect, we welcome your questions.