Architects in Demand

Introduction to the Board

As you progress down the path toward licensure, the California Architects Board (Board) is a prime source of information, assistance, and ultimately, the grantors of your California architect license.

The Board was created in 1901 by the California Legislature to fulfill the mission of protecting the health, safety, and welfare of the public through the regulation of the practice of architecture in California. The Board is one of many boards, bureaus, commissions, and committees within the Department of Consumer Affairs responsible for consumer protection and the regulation of licensed professionals.

The Board is located near the state’s capitol in Sacramento, California. The Board is composed of 10 members; five are architects and five are public members. The Governor appoints the five architect members and three of the public members. The Speaker of the Assembly and the Senate Rules Committee appoint one public member each.

The Board establishes regulations for examination and licensing of the profession of architecture in California, which today numbers nearly 20,000 licensed architects to serve a state of nearly 40 million people!